Thursday, 23 August 2012

Completion of 1st process of Action Plan

APSA: The Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) is a non-governmental organization that works with child labourers, street children and other children in distress as well as the larger communities of the urban slums in Bangalore and Hyderabad through a combination of institutional and outreach projects. Motivated by the motto ‘For Development without Exploitation’, we have worked at the grassroots and the national and state policy levels in partnership with communities to help them realize their rights as humans and citizens for thirty two years. Most of the work done by us is very much recognized in public because of the intervened by media.

Our media centre is very dynamic and conducts training for young people from disadvantaged circumstances in photography and developing documentary through workshops.  The children enrolled for the training show immense interest for documenting the realities of their own lives, including child labour, and other social issues. These documentaries also help the children to talk about their sufferings and experiences to a wider audience.

Our media centre is also part of Adobe Youth Voices project since year 2006. The students engage in projects like documentary, photo-essay, Animation and posters and then the projects are submitted to Adobe.

In the academic year 2012-13, a group of 17 youth have been created 11 posters on different social issues and a story book on ‘Save Trees’. There were two remarkable posters created by our media students Ms Agnes Mary and Mr Barath. Both the posters are reflecting the issues on the subject of "Don't Waste Food” and “Save the Water".
The above mentioned Media group which consists of 17 youth was conducted an input session on "Don't Waste Food” and “Save the Water" and given the information through interaction, documentary and posters presentation. There were 120 children participated in the session. In the session, they were discussed about scarcity of water and reasons, as well as they discussed on food wastage.

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